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Resellers of VALDI services

Third parties are welcome and encouraged to resell VALDI services through their own platforms. Full integration of VALDI's public API is possible with the help of our API documentation.


Before diving into an API integration, be aware of the following limitations and guidelines:

  • VALDI supports a single-tenant architecture with reseller support. This means that a third-party reseller should use a single primary account under which all of their own users' resources are created and managed. This also means that, as a reseller, you are responsible for:
    • Your own user account management
    • Your own user billing (we recommend Stripe)
  • VALDI does not yet support API keys (but will soon). For the time being, and as described in the API documentation, you must authenticate using a JWT, but be advised that it expires every 5 minutes.
  • While the single-tenant approach requires more implementation work from the reseller, it enables resellers to obfuscate the identity of their customers from VALDI.

Contact Us

If you have any questions about becoming a VALDI reseller, or if you are interested in hearing about volume discounts for resellers, reach out to us at