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Frequently Asked Questions

Billing and Account Management

What happens if my balance goes to $0?

All customers are responsible for managing their account balances. If your account goes to or below $0, all of your VALDI cloud resources will be deleted, including VMs and storage volumes. Deleted VMs and storage volumes are unrecoverable.

What is the minimum account balance needed to spin up a VM?

We require a minimum of $10 to be in your account to spin up a VM or create a storage volume.

What payment methods does VALDI accept?

We currently only accept debit/credit cards. All transactions are handled by Stripe.

Is there a post-pay option?

We offer post-pay arrangements to enterprise and university customers, enabling their employees or students to use VALDI without having to pre-pay with a credit card. Please contact us at with your needs.

How can I change or reset my password?

Please use the "Forgot Password" link on the Account sign-in page.

How do I request support?

For technical support, email or open a ticket using the chat widget in the lower-right corner of the VALDI app and docs. We typically revert within 4 business hours. Please include your VM ID or storage volume name and details of the issue you are facing.

How does VALDI inform its users of any expected outages or planned maintenance?

We send emails to all registered users with as much advance notice as possible.

What other modes of support are available?

We can also offer support via Telegram, Slack, and Discord. Please request it via and we will send you more information.

Cloud Servers

How is the security and privacy of customer data stored on VMs managed?

VALDI employs kernel-level virtualization via KVM & QEMU to ensure the highest level of security and isolation of your virtual environment.

What happens if a VM is terminated?

All data on that VM is deleted. VALDI does not store any data from deleted VMs.

Where can I find information about different servers available on VALDI?

Sign up for VALDI to see all the available GPUs on the VALDI dashboard.

How does the referral program work?

Have your friends and colleagues sign up using your referral link, and you will earn $5 in credits when the user you referred deposits at least $10.

Is there a student discount?

If you sign up with a .edu email address, a 10% discount is automatically added to your account.

Does VALDI have a Command Line Interface (CLI)?

Yes, see here.

How can I run a Jupyter notebook?

See here.

I lost my SSH credentials, can VALDI help?

Unfortunately, no. VALDI does not store copies of user credentials for security purposes.


What is the difference between VM storage and detachable volumes?

VM storage is a local disk which is physically attached to the server hosting your virtual environment. Detachable volumes are virtual object stores that can be mounted as pseudo file systems on any VM. They enable easy sharing of data across multiple VMs and offer a low-cost option for long-term data storage (57% cheaper than AWS S3).

How is the data that's stored in a detachable volume secured?

All data stored with VALDI is encrypted with AES-256. Using erasure coding, data is further broken pieces and distributed globally for maximum security.

How much data can be uploaded from the browser interface?

We recommend uploading no more than 1 GB of data through the web browser interface.

What's the best method to upload multiple files of different sizes?

You can upload both files and directories through the browser interface. If the files are more than a total of 1 GB in size, we recommend using the VALDI CLI.

What's the best method for uploading extremely large files?

The VALDI CLI will soon support this. In the meantime, see Uploading and downloading data.

How do I mount my storage volume to a VM?

You can use the VALDI CLI for this purpose. See here.

Do I have to store data for any minimum period of time?

No, there are no minimums, and there is no charge or penalty for deleting data.

How is storage cost calculated?

You simply pay $0.01/GB-month of data stored and $0.01/GB of data downloaded. That's it. There are no hidden fees.

What is the minimum balance needed in order to create a volume?



Does VALDI have an API?

Yep, see here.

Does VALDI offer volume discounts?

Please email to discuss further based on your specific use case.

Where is VALDI based?

VALDI's HQ is in Pasadena, CA.

Why is VALDI structured as a Public Benefit Corporation (PBC)?

VALDI's goal is to ensure that every individual and organization, regardless of their background or resources, can utilize technology to develop AI applications and contribute to a better world. Read more here.