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56 cards available

Duration Cost Upfront payment
On-demand $0.60/GPU-hr None
Month-to-month $0.60/GPU-hr None
3 months $0.54/GPU-hr 1 month


Component Details
GPU model NVIDIA® RTX A6000
Architecture NVIDIA® Ampere
Motherboard Supermicro
GPUs per node 2
CUDA cores 10.752
CPU model Intel Xeon®
CPU cores 16
CPU clock speed 2.6 GHz
Total VRAM 48 GB
VRAM type GDDR6 with ECC
Memory bandwidth 768 GB/s
RAM 128 GB
RAM type DDR3
Local storage 2 TB
Type of storage SSD
Form factor Dual-slot PCIe
TDP (Thermal design power) 300W
Tensor Cores 336 Tensor Cores, 84 RT Cores
Interconnect None
SXM support No
Graphics API support DirectX, OpenGL

Additional Storage Options

Scalable, redundant network storage over a 40 Gbps interconnect is available for $0.11/GB-month.