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US DC-3 Overview

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Data Center FAQ

Aspect Question Answer
Tier What tier rating does the data center have? Tier 1
Location Where is the data center located? United States
Is the data center in a secure and environmentally controlled facility? Yes
Power Infrastructure Is there redundancy in the power supply? Yes
What is the source of power? Conventional
Cooling System What type of cooling is used in the data center? Air
Is there redundancy in the power supply to prevent overheating? Yes
Connectivity What is the bandwidth of the data center's internet connection? 10 Gbps
What is the type of network connection? Ethernet
Security Measures What physical security measures are in place? Access control and surveillance
How is data protected from unauthorized access and cyber threats? Firewalls
Environmental Controls Are there environmental controls in place to maintain optimal conditions for equipment? Yes, both temperature and humidity controlled
Maintenance and Support What technical support is available? 24/7 technical support