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32 cards available

Duration Cost Upfront payment
On-demand $1.27/GPU-hr None
Month-to-month $1.21/GPU-hr 1 week
3 months $1.16/GPU-hr 3 weeks
6 months $0.99/GPU-hr 6 weeks
12 months $0.99/GPU-hr 8 weeks
24 months $0.94/GPU-hr 12 weeks


Component Details
GPU model NVIDIA® L40S
Architecture NVIDIA® Ada Lovelace
GPUs per node 8
CUDA cores 18,176
CPU model AMD EPYC Milan 7313
CPU cores 32
Total VRAM 48 GB
VRAM type GDDR6 with ECC
Memory bandwidth 864 GB/s
RAM 512 GB
RAM type DDR4
Local storage 8 TB
Type of storage NVMe
Form factor PCIe
TDP (Thermal design power) 350W
Tensor Cores 568 Tensor Cores, 142 RT Cores
Interconnect None
SXM support No