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UAE DC-1 Overview

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Data Center FAQ

Aspect Question Answer
Tier What tier rating does the data center have? Tier 3 (Equinix)
Location Where is the data center located? United Arab Emirates
Is the data center in a secure and environmentally controlled facility? Yes
Power Infrastructure Is there redundancy in the power supply? N+1 redundancy on UPS with extra backup generators
What is the power capacity of the data center? 4.5MW
What is the source of power? Green by design
  • ISO 14001 (targeted 2024)
  • ISO 50001 (targeted 2024)
  • LEED Certified
  • Covered by 100% renewable energy
Cooling System What type of cooling is used in the data center? Air
Is there redundancy in the cooling systems to prevent overheating? N+20%
Connectivity What is the bandwidth of the data center's internet connection? 10 Gbit symmetrical connection
What is the type of network connection? 10 Gbit ethernet (redundant bond) + 400 Gbit Infiniband
Security Measures What physical security measures are in place?
  • Security cards
  • Access control
  • Surveillance
  • Access monitoring tools
  • Biometric access system
How is data protected from unauthorized access and cyber threats? Firewalls for internal and external connectivity
Environmental Controls Are there environmental controls in place to maintain optimal conditions for equipment? Yes
How are environmental risks like fire and flooding mitigated?
  • Raised floors (low flood risk)
  • VESDA detection with a pre-action double-interlocked firewater system
Maintenance and Support What technical support is available? 24/7 on-call onsite support
What maintenance procedures are followed for the equipment in the data center?
  • Preventive maintenance services include inspections, assessments, and tests of critical infrastructure and assets. The goal of these services is to prevent faults and identify defects before they occur in a live environment.
  • Send notifications in advance to inform you of planned preventive maintenance activities. You can use this information to assess the level of risk exposure for your equipment during the maintenance activity. Based on your assessment, you may choose to reroute your processes during the maintenance window.
Scalability How scalable is the data center infrastructure to accommodate future growth? Ability to extend on request with an extra 300 kW in the pipeline
Disaster Recovery What is the data center's disaster recovery plan in case of major outages or disasters?
  • The data center has an IBX Threat and Risk Assessment process to review any potential risks to ongoing operations and to implement any required mitigations.
  • The DC also maintains a Business Continuity Plan which sets the response to potential events which may impact operational abilities and how the site can continue to operate under each eventuality.
Compliance and Certifications Does the data center comply with industry standards and regulations?
  • ISO 22301
  • ISO 27001
  • ISO 9001
  • LEED
  • SOC 1 Type II
  • SOC 2 Type II
Local Compliance and Certifications Does the data center comply with local and government industry standards and regulations? The data center complies with USAW Signals Intelligence Agency regulations.