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Interacting with Mistral 7B

Video Walkthrough

Mistral 7B Overview

Mistral 7B is a more recent addition to the world of large language models (LLMs), and it's already making waves with its impressive performance and efficiency. Here's a quick overview:

Mistral 7B is a 7.3-billion parameter generative text model developed by Mistral AI. It excels at various tasks, including:

  1. Text generation: Creates different creative text formats, like poems, code, scripts, musical pieces, email, letters, etc.
  2. Question answering: Provides informative and comprehensive answers to your questions, even if they're open-ended, challenging, or strange.
  3. Translation: Translates languages accurately and fluently.

How to interact

  1. Using the Modular LLM interface drag the name Mistral (top right-hand corner) from "uninstalled" to "installed".
  2. Upon completion of the loading animation, Mistral is installed!
  3. Switch to chat with Mistral by accessing the model selection dropdown (top left-hand corner) and select Mistral.

Handling Errors

Occasionally, a prompt or message may cause an exception or error. To diagnose, navigate to the server and find the exact error that occurred. Typically, it is an improper syntax error. This will be addressed in the future.