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Interacting with LLaVA: A Visual Language Model

Video Walkthrough

LLaVA Overview

LLaVA (Large Language and Vision Assistant) is a multimodal model that combines the strengths of a large language model (LLM) with a vision encoder, specifically CLIP ViT-L/14. This powerful combination allows LLaVA to understand and generate both text and images, making it capable of performing a variety of tasks, including:

  1. Multilingual understanding and generation: LLaVA can process and generate text in multiple languages, making it a valuable tool for translation, cross-lingual understanding, and multilingual creative writing.
  2. Visual question answering: LLaVA can answer questions about images, providing informative and accurate responses based on its understanding of both the visual content and the context of the question.
  3. Visual instruction following: LLaVA can follow complex instructions that involve both text and images, such as "Draw a picture of a red cat sitting on a blue couch in a sunny living room." This makes it a versatile tool for creative tasks and interactive applications.
  4. Image editing and generation: LLaVA can modify existing images based on textual instructions, such as "Make the sky in this picture more dramatic" or "Add a rainbow to this landscape". It can also generate entirely new images from scratch, based on a textual description.
  5. Object detection and recognition: LLaVA can identify and locate objects within images, providing labels and descriptions for each object.
  6. General multimodal reasoning: LLaVA can analyze both text and images together to draw conclusions and make inferences, which expands its potential applications in areas like medical diagnosis, scientific discovery, and market research.

How to interact

  1. Using the Modular LLM interface, drag the name LLaVA (top right-hand corner) from "uninstalled" to "installed".
  2. Upon completion of the loading animation, LLaVA is installed!
  3. Switch to chat with LLaVA by accessing the model selection dropdown (top left-hand corner) and select LLaVA.
  4. Upload your image using the link in the bottom left-hand corner.

Handling Errors

Occasionally, a prompt or message may cause an exception or error. To diagnose, navigate to the server and find the exact error that occurred. Typically, it is an improper syntax error. This will be addressed in the future.

Also, please note that this current instance of LLaVA can only handle photos or images of 256x256 pixels. Anything larger will result in an error.